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Weapons, guns, military? army,navy, police, soldiers,

Attack & Defence: Dominance, Fighting, Security, Violence, War, Genocide, Terrorism, Weapons, Guns, Military, Army, Navy, Soldiers, NOT peace, not peacekeeping,


  1. Attack… Control, destruction, destroying, War, Guns, , chloroform… gas? “Chemtrails”(?)
  2. Attack…



Air Force

Gun laws


1 million shooters in Australia




Army ranks…


Cyber attack

Nuclear weapons...


  1. Defence… Help? Emergency… emergency hospitals? Pollice? Security? Defence

Defence… Security..  body fuards, cia, military, cybersecurity,… healing, nutrition..

A good defence is a good offence?

“as of today, 1.2 million people have committed suicide. Do you still think this was all your health? 
*You can use for real time world wide counts of various statistics. 

Helplines(?) like 000 in Aust


Authentication, verification:

Voice recognition

Deep fake technology


Authentication…. Passwords

Armour, protective clothing… 

Security… cyber security..

security guards…. Security for parties…

Open photo

Computer, internet security? 

e.g. Proton VPN: 

Health… Allopathic/biomedicine/conventional/mainstream/orthodox/Western medicine… hospitals…

“Sooner or later, your health will become your number one concern” – Paul Chek. 


  1. Hospitals
    1. Emergency
    1. Doctors?
    2. Specialisations of hospitals… 
  2. Naturopathy

Guns… legal? American legal or so? In australia?



Weapons illegal is australia?



Maybe it’s good to not have guns in australia

Map of AustraliaAustralia: States:


All states guns arent legal

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