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Indonesian is the easiest language to learn according to…
Dutch courage—Alcohol improves foreign language skills
Pleco Software – The #1 Chinese dictionary
Meetup – Language exchange example
Disclaimer/ ~See sources outside of Hollutions for more information about topic e.g. Google, ChatGPT, Professionals like Doctors, Lawyers, etc.
Typewolf find what is trending typography
Displaypurposes for viral hashtags
Language. 90% of the World doesn’t speak English and can’t really watch that stuff. Youtube. This is why Mr Beast created channels just with different languages to tap into that 90%.
Polyglot Ranks Top 5 Most Difficult Languages in the World (2:28 #5 Wenzhounese Chinese 4:01 #4 Silbo Gomero 6:11 #3 Taa 7:45: #2 Piraha 11:32 #1 Ithkuil)
Incorporate as a feature of Hollutions?
Language can be powerful, and different languages to like the mainstream. so like instead of conveying a message like ‘deeds not words’ in an emblem like James Ruse Agricultural School (~The top 1 High School in NSW) does, they use ‘gesta non verba”
Text replacement. E.g. (bad example): Zerkaa’s 200 IQ prank on KSI
When you use profanity, especially in a youtube video which might warrant monetisation, say that it is for ‘entertainment purposes only’…