Two Best World Views: Globe Earth or Flat Earth

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Auxdron. Drones which drop off lifejacket, used especially by lifeguards.
Seatrac. A solar-powered chair allowing users to glide in the Sea
5 surprising reasons supporting Flat Earth
Disclaimer/ ~See sources outside of Hollutions for more information about topic e.g. Professionals like Doctors, Lawyers, etc.
Heritage through Ancestral Brew etc
expos… expo hosts? e.g.
Ancestral Brew’s Deep Ancestry Analysis
Colombia map any good/worth keeping?
Florida, Arizona, Texas USA 2022 Prophecy | Watch out for Florida, Arizona and Texas
Neil deGrasse Tyson and Joe Rogan discussing the size of the Universe
Between big bang and most outer rim of the expanding universe. The outer rim of the expanding universe… which is travelling at 74 (via distance ladder) or 67 (according to Lambda-CDM) km/s per mega parsec (hubble constant) according to like measuring… Source Derek from Veratasium
GPS III Space Vehicle 05 Mission 43:05
Saturn footage through independent source?
Donate to Greenpeace to Protect The Amazon Rainforest (link below):
Caves in national parks in USA