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Fitness involves the use of more permanent, non-consumable materials like… weights of various loads, shapes, distributions, density, materials, etc to stimulate the body accordingly to achieve things like increased strength as it pertains to materials chosen, and perhaps carryover to other tasks like strength sitting down on the Computer to do Work. Fitness, Exercise Parametres also include rest period, rest frequency per repetition, between repetitions within session, between sessions… body position at rest, measuring intensity of a workout through various methods. 

Results can involve things like increased posture, stability, strength, endurance, and power. Others include becoming more pretty, beautiful, aesthetic, etc. 

Sports etc are now including things like driving sports, and E-Sports are now be created where tools to increase upon are those included in video games, but are perhaps called E-Sports because the body is stationary, and movement is less systemic, less grand, less motor nerves, and are perhaps more involving small nerve bundles, etc.

Due to the amount of things which can provide stress in your life, your FItness Program should not just include the Equipments below, but also dive into perhaps other instruments (pun intended), learning information about Fluid Dynamics, coding, farming, construction, etc. 


Fitness Disclaimer

Please use User discretion before deciding to purchase any of the products displayed here. Fitness Exercises are not so a clearly defined topic, and vary in the: a) equipment like it’s combination of mass, mass location/distrubtions, sizes, colours, materials, etc, and 2) it’s application. Equipments are shown here through my own personal experience, or have been shared by people like Professionals like Physiotherapists, Chiropractors, Personal Trainers. All products shown here are not a representation of all Fitness Equipments around the world. At least not yet. Products shown here so far are not directly purchased through Hollutions (meaning we do not contain inventory as of this moment), but products shown through Hollutions will take you to chosen Websites so please take your own individual responsibility before opening up any Website contained within. Products purchased through Hollutions may be affiliated with Hollutions, offering discounts and/or Commissions. Please investigate if you are interested in determining if an affiliation is contained. Due to priority of more ~important filters, and the magnitude of Hollutions, please be weary that Hollutions is not perfect, so some filters may not work to 100% perfection. For more optimised results, please also look elsewhere like perhaps visit the brands Websites listed here on Hollutions. For the best result for all, please further seek, consult with Professionals help like Medically trained professionals, Physicians, Doctors, Physiotherapists, Chiropractors so that they can more effectively customise a program according to Body Profiles, Biomechanics, Anthropometry, Morphology, Physiology, Tests like Blood tests, Ailments, symptoms, signs, diseases, syndromes, , Cardiac Profile, hereditary, genetics, Family history, etc.


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Neckflex exercise
20 kg./44 lbs. Kettlebells + Earthquake Bar
SANG 40kg
Supine Bottoms up Kettlebell with a resistance band
Kettlebell, medicine ball exercise
Banded hip abudctions
Heocstix and bladepod drill
Elevated kettlebell pull
Neckflex barbell curl
LEVEL UP YOUR RUNNING!!! Does your pelvis drop excessively when you run? The stork exercise is a great drill to do to strengthen your gluteus medius / increase your hip stability
Great dumbbell exercises
Great treadmill exercises (slide 2+)
Barbell exercises (slide 1)
Pull Up Progressions (Videos)
Tight or impinged shoulders? Stimulate the glossopharyngeal nerve with gargling.
Accessory Nerve…
There are more to dreams, one time I had a dream of a family Cousin reaching out to me about if I recieved some biscuits, I said no, later, the Sister of that Cousin created a simulated race Car driver, the next few mornings, I saw the image contained (66 likes also).
81 Advanced Resistance band Exercises used by Fitness Professionals

This page servers to provide access to the best fitness equipments, exercises from around the World, across 100 different brands, etc. If you are looking for a workout, look here.