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Range of motion of the spine
Seatrac. A solar-powered chair allowing users to glide in the Sea
Researchers have found that multiple sclerosis is likely caused by the Epstein-Barr virus.⁠
A blood test to predict surgical complications?
Thyroid gland and surrounding
Check your breasts first of every month
Footwear habits influence child and adolescent motor skill development
Researchers find nanoparticles of a rare earth metal used in MRI contrast agents can infiltrate kidney tissue
Canola oil linked to worsened memory and learning ability in Alzheimer’s
Stem Cells
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C1 to C5… Reference in picture
Brachial Plexus (C5-T1) Copyright © 2010, 2005 by Churchill Livingstone, an imprint of Elsevier inc from lecture slide
Morley Robbins – The Poorly-Understood Role of Copper in Anemia
Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers
Top 5 indicators of low testosterone.
Eliminating… or at least reducing EMF’s 1) Turning off your phones internet/mobile data, and perhaps your families, wife and direct messaging, phone calling via phone number 2) Wifi to perhaps cable? Turning off router 3) 5g to at least 4g
In Paul Chek’s course Hollistic Lifestyle Coaching 1, paul mentions to (1) keep your cell phone away from your body when possible (2) practice feeling it’s electromagnetic field
Find a GP (General Practitioner) by
5G EMF Detection Meter: Know Your Exposures Instantly
EMF Tri-field Meter: Reveals Magnetic, Electrical and RF Exposures
E-Field Detection Meter: find the location and strength of the electrical fields around you
Outlet Timer: Silence EMFs Instantly & Automatically