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Disclaimer/ ~See sources outside of Hollutions for more information about topic e.g. Professionals like Doctors, Lawyers, etc.
VAVA Chroma Triple Laser Projector
Build apps for any screen and without coding
Aires tech vs raw phone use
Phone tracking during mardi gras
Eliminating… or at least reducing EMF’s 1) Turning off your phones internet/mobile data, and perhaps your families, wife and direct messaging, phone calling via phone number 2) Wifi to perhaps cable? Turning off router 3) 5g to at least 4g
Just like how we might choose to fast from food, not eat food for periods of time, we might like restrict phone use, perhaps till after 1 hour waking up, or restrict applications
In Paul Chek’s course Hollistic Lifestyle Coaching 1, paul mentions to (1) keep your cell phone away from your body when possible (2) practice feeling it’s electromagnetic field
5G EMF Detection Meter: Know Your Exposures Instantly
EMF Tri-field Meter: Reveals Magnetic, Electrical and RF Exposures
E-Field Detection Meter: find the location and strength of the electrical fields around you
Outlet Timer: Silence EMFs Instantly & Automatically
Outlet Kill Switch: Quiets EMFs As If Uplugged
Discrete RF Detector: wearable private EMF detection, on your wrist!
Your 30 Day Coding And Circuits Challenge To Bring You From Beginner To Builder
Stock trading: AI bot vs humans by biaheza
World’s Smallest Cardiovascular Tester – iCARE!