Two things to be conscious of: 1. Time, clocks, digital, analogue… horology…


Time zones


~Timeline of the Universe (Model 1)

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Check your breasts first of every month
Disclaimer/ ~See sources outside of Hollutions for more information about topic e.g. Professionals like Doctors, Lawyers, etc.
“Scientists say new dinosaur species is largest found in Australia”
Age. Foundation to be built upon (in-progress)
Future can be predicted? Time all one? Existence of god?
Why is time an important concept? Well because it is in exams, tests like the Mensa Test displayed in the picture!
Florida, Arizona, Texas USA 2022 Prophecy | Watch out for Florida, Arizona and Texas
Waste, money, time…..The Most Honest Advice About Getting Rich (an eye opening speech) – Jordan Peterson #Shorts
Today’s conspiracTEA was SO HARD to fit into a minute but I did it for y’all💅🏻#mattgroening #thesimpsons
Jake Paul prophecy 25th September 2023 ksi vs jake paul?
Time limit, time remaining like in a test e.g. Mensa Test