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“WATCH: In the Middle of a News Broadcast, ABC Australia Gave You a Glimpse Into Who is Behind the New World Order by Airing a Satanic Ritual: “All hail Satan!””
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Advertising a company through gift card then putting on youtube? You sent 2.4 Million likes.
Advertisment… Ryan Reynolds style…
Burger king advertisement I gave $2,000,000 to a family in need
James gandolfini commercial
This advertisement mimics daniel mac… Person ‘A’ says ‘what do you do for a living’… to Person ‘B’ sitting in a car… ends up advertising a teeth whitening product…
Prime Hydration, great example of creating your own Business… especially if you have a social Media following
Making Money via Youtube: How much money Jesse James West makes… 2 notes: 1) Jesse with 100 million views makes $82,000 etc 2) Then tax……!!
Entertainment ideas: Trade a Coffee for someones secret!!: PEOPLE EXPOSE THEIR SECRETS TO EMMA CHAMBERLAIN😭😳
Buying followers via Instagram
How Elon Musk got the most liked post on Twitter? “Put the Cocaine back in Coca Cola” | Elon Musk 😂
‘Buy a house’ says PM who could not tell us the price of bread, petrol or rapid antigen tests – CheekMediaCo
Rumble offers 2x ad revenue over youtube? At least according to youtube video of Andrew Tate and Stevewilldoit