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81 Exercises you need to know about when using Resistance bands

Why might you want to use resistance bands? Because using resistance bands in the ways covered in this video can you help to build muscle, lose fat, lose weight to reduce your waist line to fit into the clothes you need and want, feel confident to do things because of lost fat, and gain in muscle, and gain in strength not just relative to your body weight, etc. 

This article serves the purpose to show you how to use resistance bands with notably other equipments found in the gym. Here are the top 70 Exercises you can do with a resistance band. 

If you haven’t got a Resistnce band, please chek out this article:

1. Banded punches

2. Supine punch band assisted..

3. Continous Pendulum/Jammer-arm press... double arm or single arm

4. Jammer arm press /Pendulum push with bands

5. Band assisted Pendulum push with single leg raise

6. Banded medicine ball pass on semi-circular bosu/yoga balls

7. Supine Banded pull-overs

8. Double Foot Elevated Barbell Body row with band pulling on midsection to attachment point on rack.

9. Upright, sitting, hamstring curl against the resistance of a band pulling anteriorly

10. Barbell Shoulder press with bands attaching onto the barbell from the top of the rack ft tsunami barbell

11. High bar walking with single side plate-load descended via a resistance band (link lost)

12. Barbell squat with plates suspended

13. Barbell Push press using Gymnastics rings (link lost)

barbell gymnastics rings

14. Band pulls, wrist pertubations whilst holding a ball, sitting on a bosu ball

15. Banded runs

16. Band, kettlebell, bench by Tony Gentilcore

17. Pallof Press in a lunge position with a resistance band with a kettlebell hanging off in the centre w/ peturbation drill

18. 4 Exercise superset: (1) Shoulder 90/90 External Rotation - Earthquake, Kettlebell(2) Overhead press - Earthquake, Kettlebell (3) Carry overhead - Earthquake, kettlebell 4) Carry- 90/90, Earthquake Kettlebell

Equipment requirements: a strong Resistance band and a kettlebell

19. Plank and shoulder taps using resistance band and a bosu ball predominately

20. Plank and shoulder taps using two resistance bands (crossed) and a bosu ball predominately

21. Banded anti-rotation, kneeling to standing and vice-versa

22. "Balance board Pallof Press" by doctor_reef

23. Hollow Position Band Pullovers

24. Bent over circles with band held at hand and anchored on the rack at head level

25. Single leg squat combined with rotation

42. Step ups with Posterior positioned band around left shoulder

43. Step up against single armed resistance via banded-kettlebell and wrapped around shoulder, whilst holding a dumbbell... by doctor reef @ willfullerv (Iink lost)

doctor reef at willfullerv

44. Band assisted leg raise

45. Band assisted Single leg Glute bridge

46. Single leg squat holding dumbbells with bands

47. Banded deadbugs

48. Safety squat barbell squat with anteriorly, inferiorly located bands

49. Banded pull-up

50. Banded exercise by Nick Tumminello

51. Plank with band...

52. Supine banded ankle adductor, flexor exercise

53. Standing band posteriorly positioned and at head level

54. Bench press with band wrapped around barbell and torso

55. Prone banded leg curl by daniantonellos via andrew_lock_strength


56. Banded... planche?

57. Banded dumbbell kettlebell bench press

58. Banded row against resistance of bodyweight and single band at waist level

59. Double banded "golf swing"

60. Band held lunge and raise

61. Step ups with Posterior positioned band and kettlebell around left shoulder

62. Bosu ball leg raise with two bands on shoulder and contralateral ankle posteriorly

63. Kettlebell band assisted (band position from behind at pubic bone level...

64. Standing kettlebell row with band attatched anteriorly to the kettelbell

65. Dip holding 'fat grips' and a resistance band anchored to the rack

66. Hexbar deadlift using resistance bands

67. Foot banded leg raise

68. Deadlift, single leg raise... with...

69. Ghd sit-ups by FItnessfaqs

70. doctor_reef: Lateral Lean Landmine Bowler Lunges with @chosen1ra of @panthers

71. Sagital and frontal plane banded swing

72. arm wrestling training using bands

73. Resistance band application

74. Using band as a pull/chin-up bar


76. Bands at both hands and both ankles…

77. Kneeling Landmine press with banded suspended kettlebell

78. Holding a band suspended kettlebell on a semi-circular bosu ball

79. Kettlebell exercise with bands

80. Prone bird-dog with feet anchor banded pertubations against the wall

81. Kettlebell Jaw Swing

If you have read so far, a huge thanks! and please comment below if you have any additions, etc.