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5 Suprising reasons supporting Flat Earth

1. No curvature at 120,000 feet and 30,000 feet.

2. the CNN watched the 25th spaceshuttle mission on Januray 28 1986 live on the air, and said the Astronaughts died in the exposion.
At least 6 of the 7 Astronaughts from the Challenger explosion are still living around the US:

Implication? Trauma based mind control - To tell that space exploration is cool, but not to allow people to question, promote going to space, and to leave it to NASA, and the Government. This is further accentuated through the Government incentivising Schools to watch the Challenger live.

3. During the International Space Station (ISS), you can find that the Astronaughts have harnesses, use green screens, to show the appearance of a weightless experience.

4. The ISS trains underwater, and the ISS is located in aunderwater neutral buyoancy lab in Houston Texas. THe spaceship footage is not travelling at 666km/h. It's easy, film the footage underwater, remove the water layer, add in CGI Earth layer.

5. Satallites are suspended by Balloons.

Satallites have been carried by Balloons since the 1950s, Source NASA:

Satallites don't have engines, yet they some how thrust into the air.

NASA also spends more money on Helium than anyone else in the World.

There are ~50,000 Satalites, and the Earth is supposed to be spinning at 666km/h or 1000 miles per hour, etc, and they are supposed to be hitting oneanother... yet we are suppoed to have geo-stationary Satalites which is despite the speed of the Earth, etc, remaining still.

Majority of our transmission for our phones and Satalite TV are via ground towers, and undersea cables which make up 99.9% of all transmissions, not the Satalites.

6. A firmament exists.
The Firmament above
a. Satallites can't get past the Firmament.

Operation Dominic. In 1962, 7 years before they faked the Moon landing, Operation Dominic happened at which 31 Missles were shot into the sky to see how far Humans can reach, and they figured out not much at all.

1958 encyclopedia admits they found the dome

The height of the Dome/"Dome" estimated at 385,500 ft in the centre, and 13,000 feet at Latitude 90 degrees South:

b. The firmament below.
The deepest we have dug is 7.8 miles (which conincides with the deepest ocean - the Mariana Trench - 6.8 Miles) by using ground penetrating radar, and hit an in inpenetratable barrier.

Width of Flat Earth:

Astrology works perfectly with Flat Earth: