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all sleeping considerations to be like posted seperately

Importance of sleep:

  1.  Foundational principle #6
  2. I write this at 11:14PM 28/02/2022… Sleeping… during the EVENING could be the most important thing in the whole wide world.
  3. Sleep. If you sleep
    too much maybe you will miss out on that 1 million dollar prize.

you have sleep apneoa… you have an increased risk of Alzheimers.  Scientist
Explains Sleep in 5 Levels of Difficulty | WIRED

Bed, blankets, pillows etc

    1. misc material relating to sleep

      What do you sleep on? Bed?

      Lieing on predominantly my front side of my body is crucial when sleeping

      Sleep doesnt have to be on the bed elon musk sleeps on the couch, i like to sleep on the coach, i
      like to sleep sitting with my arms on the table (whilst listening to bible
      information too)

interior design

1. Time

  1. Exercise:
    1. Morning best
    2. Avoid after dinner
  2. Your Body positioning etc? , yoga,Lieing on predominantly my front side of my body is crucial when sleeping

    Jun 18, 2021, 11:10 AM

    Eyes. You dont need to use your eyes to see

    You can use your third eye

    Third eyed

    When you dream dont use your eyes


    Closing of eyes

    The dream state is the real state


    Biggest 0 task?>

  3. Entertainment
      1. Limit entertainment
    1. People say
      “sleep with”, so sex might have some common elements with like
      actually sleeping
    2. “Leave your window partially open at night so that you can keep fresh air in the room and don’t let the room get too warm either. People typically sleep best when there is fresh air in the room and it’s about 60-65 degrees. If it’s too warm, you will sweat and feel stuffy and that’s a form of stress to the body. Again, out come the stress hormones and goodbye deep sleep.”
    3. Parasites symptoms?
      • Waking up at 1-3 AM, sweating; look for symptoms of grinding teeth (bruxism).
      • See Healing Fungal and Parasite Infections – The Absolute Essentials DVD series by Paul Chek

what does the bible say about sleep

  1. Sleeping

     1. Clothing



    Horizontal closure below… Sleeping on:


    C blankets…


    Vertical closure..


     B. Flynets…

    wwnt through like concord late ended up losing keys and phone got phone back
    but wanted to see if car was still there…

    played dota 2, they like could have won but captain is like all go into
    fountain… he say he gonna team wipe them, snapchats…one at a time until girl,
    like girlfriend, then him and does nothing, just bruns… face the burn?

  1. Sleep… sleep is different for everyone… our bodies are usually in horizontal position… on different surfaces… hard floor, grass, mattress of different densities, etc..

    light is often minimised dur to the time of sleep (often at night), walls, curtains to reduce light perhaps, light exposure is at some locations and not as some locations, we often have blankets to cover us… and we may decide to have clothing… we might sleep… noise disturbances… from animals, other humans… security is different – alarm systems, no alarms, out in the open in safe areas, out in the open in dangerous areas… and all these and more factors are constantly changing…  Not sleeping Length of body horizontal, pependicular to force of gravity, compared to length of body being upright By doing work trying to be more horizontal, the horziontal surface bwow you you, – the floor – might be a little dustry so that is a stress , so maybe you can solve that additional stress of dust, or choose which is more important- horziontal spinein reducing stress but stress from dust or vertical spine increasing stress but reducing stress in terms of dust…. Or you could oven go upside down! (bsobats sleep upside down? Wonder if there is some sort of thing to learn from bats! Maybe this posture is a sleepin posture because they have such large wings that lots of circulation go to them, that going upside down allows circulation to go to the neglected areas?  Vipassana Meditation.. combination of eating vegan… can’t talk to anyone?… Lotus position meditation… upright spine… in a threate enclosed? Everything is temporary… 10 hours a day minimum meditation for 10 days? Or longer? Fasting… Receiving Giving Females receive to create a baby once baby developed … breasts become larger? Females have breasts though? They give when it comes to the baby?>fear pushes, repells,

  1. Pre-dream:
    went bed early because of mum
  2. Dreams. Going back to
    school. But realising that i have to drop out. Had maths exam. But gotta
    drop out. Can’t finish HSC second time. Wento bed at like 3pm… Also got
    lazy to go under my blankets because i had my work shirt on especially

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