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Communication, conversation, Languages, Linguistics,

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Linguistics. Communication speaking, listening, hearing, conversation, with all Languages, 

1.~6500 Types of languages….


II) For each language there is a…

a. Spoken language: a) spoken in person directly, indirectly; spoken and recorded via voice recording available on technologies and “social medias”, b) not live e.g. youtube, instagram posts, instagram direct messaging, etc or live, c) via one user, multiple users (e.g. Facebook, Zoom), 

b. Written language, 

c. conversion from spoken to written e.g. done via

d. brail, sign language

Hand language… 

e. Communication through emoji’s

f. Communication via gifs. 

I am fascinated by the idea that language is only a way station on the path toward full telepathy, a stepping stone, pointing the way to our ultimate goal: to become fully Intersubjective beings, to share our souls and show what we mean and who we are. Poetry, words, music, these are all ways to try and show ourselves to others. But we exceed our language, there is more to us, and only sometimes do we attain the miracle of true communication and connection. As scholar David Porush wrote: “All communication is an attempt by one mind to transmit information to another mind.

There is a universal urge for intimacy, for trading subjectivities, in communication.

For Telepathy.

But telepathy requires a channel of transmission, a medium, a wavelength modulator and its demodulator, a technology.

From grunts and noises and tweets and whistles through cave painting and writing and the printing press and the movies and television and the Internet, the trajectory in the evolution of communication is carrying us towards increasing subjectivity, increasing immediacy, increasing sensation, increasing range, and increasing fidelity of what we can read and tell about what’s in our minds.

We are able to express our own experiences and broadcast them to others across greater distances, at greater speed, for many more people or with more particularity to more refined micro-audiences, involving ever more sensuality and nuance. We write and record for sight and vision with ever-greater immediacy and intimacy. We read minds.

Communication technologies evolve on an upward sloping line, asymptotically, toward the essential urge that powers it: pure mind-to-mind communication.

Telepathy lies just out of reach, beckoning us. Our desire for it tells us about what we wish to be.

These Technologically-Mediated Telepathies are just way stations on a line trending towards some impossible vanishing point, that we wish to achieve, wish to become: truly intersubjective beings, transmitting pure thought, sensation, and experience to each other instantaneously.”

Sunday, 9 February 2020

Language… ? Communication.,..  with persons other than you (2+)… Languages… like French.

Being around with people, communicating with people is so important…. Like in person…. Look at where this fits on the maslow’s hierachy of needs….


Don’t need to have sex so much…



How many languages in the world and what are they?

Being around with people, communicating with people is so important…. Like in person…. Look at where this fits on the maslow’s hierachy of needs….


  1. Spoken, or written
  2. Type of thing spoken or written:
    1. Typography
    2. Words, letters….
    3. Numbers… roman numerals
    4. Text..








Orally spoken


Sign language


The Gossip Game

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