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How to use Yoga balls


2.Fill it with… water! as in the following instagram post!
2. 4. You can choose to have any area of your body to be in contact with the yoga ball, for example your abdominal area, your oblique area, bumb area (sitting), feet in contact with the floor, or perhaps the wall low- to the wall, or perhaps higher,
 Bosu ball on the floor and lie with your back on the bosu ball and perhaps above you may be a table or something stable which you can use to pull you in all sorts of directions or something


As you push your leg into the yoga ball, it becomes more instable, but if too much instability, lessen the pressure.. Keep applying this principle.
“stop making your training into a circus act on bosu balls. Unstable training doesn’t have to be on unstable surfaces. What you should do to improve coordination and stability”

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