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How to use Dumbbells

  1. Carry the weight up high, and walk, walk multidirectionally, and up various terrains, and as you fatigue, the weight will naturally lower into a farmers walk.


  1. ‘Around the world’ being used by Eddie Hearn

  3. Hold dumbell (static, stable) with one of your hand and move the dumbell with the other.. You might feel the tendency to stabalise your right hand and move with your left hand
  4. Hold dumbell in one hand and hang off something like a wall, a rack, a gymnastics ring…or off someone else…etc… move the dumbell slowly, quickly, and in various directions…
  5. Hold dumbbell in hand and roll on your back, then roll onto your feet to iniaiate squat, and then extend outward from the squat and extend uppbody.

Functional patterns unconventional example application of a specific dumbell which can be generalised to all dumbells, if not other equipments also

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