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Essential oils

  1. 3hr podcast

2. Essential oils Sunday, 13 May 2018 12:13 PM

  1. Dr. Aric Sudicky– “Seeing London essential oil sales reps confidently claiming to help, treat, “assists” with depression. To make such a claim is premature. Even finding decent published reviews on the topic is difficult due a paucity human studies. The studies that do exist are not controlled clinical trials and lack blinding, making it deceptive marketing to make strong claims.

Science moves slowly. Essential oil research is no different.

You will regularly be approached about an amazing new revolutionary way to treat condition “x”. When confronted with such bold claims use a critical eye and ask for evidence before pulling out your credit card. Remember, “it worked for my friends and family” or “read this blog” and “here is our marketing brochure” does not = proof.

“Advanced studies using humans are needed to confirm the antidepressant properties described in animals.”

Extra comment:

“The antidepressant effects of essential oils and their constituents are very promising but they are still at the preliminary stages. Few clinical trials have been performed until now, and most of them are

aimed for testing the effects of lavender oil. Importantly, the preclinical effects of lavender oil on rodents were superficially studied, and there is no suggestion of mechanism of action for this antidepressant effect.”″

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