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Temperature from 0. Cold to 1. hot… 0.Cold water- cold showers, ice baths, the cold plunge 1. Hot… hot water, sauna, sauna blankets, hot tubs

When you have a shower, start it warm, use the warm water for it’s benefits – to wash, to rest, to relax, or how you like, then as you like you can do for example a change to the coldest shower setting (but becareful perhaps, too much change could change blood flow too much, and if you have a blood clotting condition, this could be dangerous, so precaution, and perhaps contact your medical doctor), a transition, you can begin in a squatted position, where you are more in the foetal position and more warmer, then transition into a more extended, standing position. What is exercise if you aren’t training the body to push through the cold. 

Temperature of the globe... Global warming...

Temperature of the average human being... normal... in disease...

Normal temperature of a human being

1. Hot... just hot weather..., natural hot springs hot water, gas stoves, , ...

bush fires…. fire ambulances, fire fighters… 

0. Cold... Ice weather, Ice, ice baths, 'cold plunge'... cold showers... cold water...

The cold plunge:


Ice baths, cold plunge…




Temp… refrigeration, cooling

Cold I’ve been beating the drum for cold therapy in all of its forms for the last 10 years because it’s really powerful. But there is a dark side that you probably don’t know about. ⁠

If you have a hard time controlling systems in your body, cold therapy can put more stress on your nervous system than you’re ready for. ⁠

If you have low blood volume, which happens when you have a chronic viral condition, chronic low blood pressure, or toxic mold exposure (like I had), cold therapy can actually add stress to your system and make you feel much worse. ⁠

If you have a mast cell condition, which has become increasingly common over the last two years (for obvious reasons), then you can actually experience very low blood pressure, dizziness, nausea, and even headaches from cold therapy. This is because your system cannot self-regulate due to an infection, toxins, or emotional trauma. When this happens, your blood vessels can either constrict (vasoconstriction) or dilate (vasodilation). Or they can have a full-on histamine reaction like a bee sting. ⁠

So it’s okay if you try cold therapy and it makes you feel like crap. You may not be strong enough yet. Try it when you’re at your strongest and see if you can handle it a little bit more.⁠

I’ve been doing cold therapy for a long time. But when I’m really really tweaked, I take a break for a couple of days…and that’s fine. ⁠

Studies show that three days of brief cold therapy is enough to shift the levels of compounds in your cardiolipin, a part of your mitochondrial membrane. That’s why you feel much better exposing yourself to cold after only three days of regular uncomfortable exposure. ⁠

Happy cold dipping—if it’s right for you.⁠









Cooling/heating of water… foods… using nitrogen, gas?




To… ?


Via bunsen burners for example? 


solid… Ice bromim? etc


liquid…Water etc



gas… Steam etc at x degree celius, farenheight

Energy… joules… equation… calouries in…calories out… neat…


The temperature of object b is hotter as it is exposed with colder temperatures.


Temperature… coldness usally experienced together with highness and opposite is true? – lower, the hotter? But then cold water found deeper? What causes coldness? 

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