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Coconut oil

Coconut oil became highly popular some time ago due to promising research showing it had highly favorable effects on our cholesterol levels compared to butter, combined with promising effects on our metabolism and fat from the MCTs and potential anti-oxidant activity.

However, the evidence from the past years has been far less favorable. A new meta-analysis by Neelakantan

et al. now concluded the following:

“Coconut oil consumption significantly increased LDL-cholesterol by 11 mg/dL and HDL-cholesterol by 4 mg/dL as compared with nontropical vegetable oils. […]

Coconut oil consumption did not significantly affect markers of glycemia, inflammation, and adiposity as compared with nontropical vegetable oils.”

I’ve also seen significant LDL-cholesterol spikes in some of my clients that were consuming coconut oil.

Take-home message: Coconut oil can be part of a healthy diet, but I wouldn’t make it a diet staple and it’s absolutely no super food. Olive oil, for example, has a much better track record for our health.

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