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Activated charcoal

“The logic behind the health trend sweeping everything from supplements to ice cream is actually medical. It’s used by doctors in cases of acute poisoning because its large molecular surface binds to many poisons, thus the popular idea that it can bind to and rid the body of toxins. Goop and others have lauded the ingredient’s benefits for gut and heart health, skin, teeth, bad breath and aging. The only problem is, the carbon molecules will bind to more than just toxins, including the ingredients in those trendy foods and drinks. So it might be totally ineffective before it even enters your body. 

Activated charcoal consumption could also be dangerous. If you take it with medications or shortly afterwards, the activated charcoal could make them less effective. You also risk developing a bezoar – a lump of charcoal that can cause bowl obstruction – if you consume too much.”

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