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“When you eliminate all plant foods from the diet, you risk vitamin C deficiency (manifesting as connective tissue degradation, among other pathologies related to scurvy), unless you eat large amounts of organ meats such as liver. The vitamin C content of 100 g (3.5 oz) of cooked chicken liver is 27.9 mg. This is 31 & 37.2% of the RDA for vitamin C for men and women (90 & 75 mg, respectively). So, it’s possible to cover your daily vitamin C requirements by eating about 300 g (10.7 oz) of cooked chicken liver – which if consumed daily, could put you at risk for excessive vitamin A. If you prefer beef liver, then you’d have to consume a hell of a lot more. A 300 g serving of beef liver would net you only ~3-4 mg…”