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Sleep & Technology

  1. Technology
    1. Technology/ies
    2. No bright lights before bed
      1. Low watt bulbs
      2. Candles
      3. “Dim the lights in the house about 2 hours before bedtime. If possible, use natural bees wax candles. Typical electrical lighting is very stimulation to the part of the brain that is both light and time sensitive. Remember, electric lights appeared very recently in our evolutionary history. They trick your brain into thinking that the sun is coming up at midnight and your body into releasing stress hormones to prepare you for another day’s work! That really disrupts sleep patterns.” Make sure the windows are well covered. Even the smallest amount of light can wake some people up. This is one of the most common causes of premature awakening. Streetlights, flashes of light from cars driving by, and the sun rising in the morning can all put an end to a lovely sleep in a flash.
      4. “Try unplugging all electrical devices in your room for a few nights. The electromagnetic pollution from electrical devices keeps a lot of people from sleeping well.”… wifi router… phone on air plane mode…? use things which limit your exposure to EMFs…
    1. Limit electromagnetic pollution