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Sleep… and Diet

  1. Diet related. Food related. Drink related.
    1. Foods against your metabolic type
    2. Primal pattern’ Diet Type ratio?
      1. remember to eat right for your metabolic type, as I have suggested above!
    3. “If you can tolerate milk, warm milk helps release the neurotransmitter tryptophan, which often makes people drowsy. (You’ll know if you cannot digest dairy products well or are lactose intolerant if you suffer from bloating, abdominal cramps, nausea, gas and diarrhea within 30 minutes of eating a dairy product. you may also wake up with a stuffy nose and excess sleep in your eyes after eating dairy as well.)”
    4. Stimulants:
      1. Caffeine
      2. Sugar
      3. Nicotine
    5. Avoid stimulants particularly after 3:00PM (half-life of drugs)
    6. Avoid the following after lunch:
      1. Sugar
      2. Caffeine
      3. Nicotine
      4. Alcohol
    7. Beware of desserts; put on plate or nutrient ratio will be miscalculated!
    8. Poor control of blood sugar
    9. Drink plenty of water
    10. “One glass of OJ, or can of soda pop can radically disrupt meal balance at a biochemical level, leading commonly to blood sugar highs and lows, poor sleep quality, overheating, and adrenal stress!”
    11. “Eat light before bed to enhance overall anabolic energy accumulation”