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Routine, considtrncy, repetition… reminder… bump


Perhaps like instead
of providing the link:


I also provide a picture: “You cant lift a thcusand pounds all at once. Yet, you can easily lift one pound a thousand times. Tiny. repeated efforts will get you there




A good habit I need to do is store the videos I see on links to make it more permanent


Another is transfering files from facebook messenger sent to myself all of them to onenote so that information is more categorised like lots of files in one section like nutrition and then put on website because might waste lots of time adding one info link to the website at a time?



Good habit is cleaning a file when transferred by unsending message sent to myself?…

 Try your best to do the right thing… you can do straight away, religious good people might choose this, or take more long, evolutionists?


Too much reps of one thing no good?

“Too much reps of a short movement and sympology experienced”

Like above is same message repeated twice, not just about writing, make writing conscise, dense? I am still writing the problem… truth is the goal?


Funny enough I went to give up on completing the above message, then this popped up:

Don’t just work hard, like do heaps of reps, work smart, like if you can 100 reps in 10, why not do 10? 


‘A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step’ -Lao Tzu

Lots of people like Mr Beast have made success doing something… like a thousand times..