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General religious right/good (truth, repentence, forgiveness, prayer, gratefullness/gratitude, judgement-free, not commiting sins like 7 deadly sins, no witchcraft... and wrong/bad values.

1. Love...

3. Forgiveness (or not forgiving)

Asking forforgiveness.. Asking god, and everyone involved… for forgiveness when you sin, make mistake, transgress off the path of rightheousness, when you do the wrong thing…


24/03/2020 5:29pm just experimented forgiving mum when I was doing work and she asked me to phone call her so that she can find her phone


Understanding that you are forgiven


Forgiveness… forgiving self, forgiving others… brings yin to you, to your friends, etc…

To not forgive others… energy is being spent about this subject… energy stored in your body?… Remember or you could just like cut it… cut it by forgiving.. Like this one time my brother was going to the toilet because I noticed something I did wrong.. .and I was like you don’t want me to go to the toilet you just want me to say sorry… and then he was like oh</a> 15:00&nbsp; …. i remember watching a youtube video where this guy thought he died and god said he saw a seed in him… and like that seed i think was caused from him not foriging a person he knew? “;ab_channel=YesTheory

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A helpful guide to self-forgiveness (

People I can’t forgive…

4. Prayer


to god.

  1. God, thank you for presenting
    to me my mission, thank you for showing my potential, my power, my
    potential power, thank you for helping me to achieve my mission, thank you
    for providing for me on the ups, and the downs.
  2. I’m sorry god that despite all
    of that, I fail,






5. Repentence

Two choices: you do the bad thing, simply turn yourself perhaps to the right thing. You repent, you change your ways, and to the right thing, after doing the wrong thing. What is bad and requires repentence? What is told in the Bible in the most correct translation?

6. Judgement-free



Realising that people like my mum judge heaps has lead to the floodgates of
mum’s judgements opening