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How to Eat, Move, and be health
Most processed foods are ‘non-foods’, meaning, it causes more problems than if you were to not eat the food, i.e. it doesn’t offer any benefit, or the problems/consequences outweigh the nutritional benefits.

“DO you like salami, ham, bacon, and
sausages? Beware. Long- term research shows that consuming just 50 g of these
” processed red meats” per day can increase your risk of developing
various (fatal) diseases [Wolk 2017]. The mechanisms aren’t clear, but
preservatives like nitrate/nitrite may play a role, as well as the forming of
certain chemicals from exposure to high heat. For unprocessed meats, like
minced beef and beef steak, the evidence is less clear. But recent research
shows links to certain diseases as well. P.S. Did you know that Green house
emission per gram Of protein are 9.2x higher for beef than for eggs? [Clark and
Tilman 20171. Wolk 2017: 27597529″