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 Safe meats, fowl, and egg consumption:

1.8.1. Animal products: can be essential for optimal health, Paul says that the quantity of animal products which you consume should be related to your primal pattern diet type and Other lifestyle factors… and the quality needs to be high quality:

Animal products: can be essential
for optimal health, Paul says that the quantity of animal products which you
consume should be related to your primal pattern diet type and Other lifestyle
factors… and the quality needs to be high quality:

1. Organic: . According to the
Agriculture Department’s Food safety and Inspection Service, certified meat should have “‘no antibiotics, no growth hormones, and the animals have to be fed 100% organic feed”. Meat can be organic yet not be grass fed. Even if an animal is fed organic grains, it’s still getting a diet that is less than ideal for its makeup. People who are
gluten intolerant might not feel well when consuming meats and poultry from grain fed sources.

2. a. Grass fed:

Cows, sheep, buffalo, etc., are designed to eat grass

2. b. NOT 

Commercial/grain-fed (wheat and corn), which make them fat.

I . . cows, sheep, buffalo, etc., are NOT designed to eat grains. If fed grains, the animals become sick, and the quality of fats and protein declines. These animals are
also require antiboitics and many become so sick they nearly die. Some commercial
meat producers add cardboard, newspaper, sawdust, industrial sewage, and oils to cattle feeding programs to reduce costs and fatten animals more quickly.
These also seems to be numerous reports of anima cruelty emanating from investigations of factory farming. Tight cages which restrict movement, and lack of natural light are also sometimes present in commercial farmers. You may be
wondering about the consequences of raising animals this way. In 1998, the USDA inspections and safety system reclassified an array of animal diseases as being
..defects that rarely or never present a direct public health risk,” and said “unaffected carcass portions” could be passed on to consumers by cutting out lessions. The agency said the following animals diseases do NOT present a health danger to humans: cancer; a pneumonia of poultry called airsacculitis; g andular swellings or lymphomas; sores; infectious arthritis;
diseases caused by intestinal worms; tumours (In the case of tumors, the guidelines state: ‘remove localised lesion (s) and pass unaffected carcass portions. ‘i) (ref: 41)

Eggs Composition: .1. Considered as
one of the most complete and pure sources of protein. It also contains a great
source of dietary fats. In the book
“foods that heal” Dr Bernard Jensen describes eggs as “having
the right nutrients for the brain, nerves, and glands. A health egg
contains adequate lechithin to emu sify the fats in an egg, making the whole
egg a well balanced, natural food source that is healthy.


I A. Cholesterol. . About
cortisol, importance Of cholesterol. There was a huge cholesterol scare in
1980s, however, people don’t understand that cholesterol is a key building
block for all cells and is produced by our bodies as a response to stress. When
there’s an inflamatory process, there’s an elevated need for cholesterol.
Stress, alcohol, medical drugs and many food additves are all capable of
causing inflammation in the gut, significantly elevating the body’s need for
cholesterol. But when a trip to the doctor revea s high cholesterol, you’re
often prescribed medication and told to stay away from the foods that you
actually need to produce adequate cholesterol to heal the damaged cells.
Doctors seldom look into the potential causes Of elevated cholesterol. how it should be
raised Egg is only as
good as the bird, which is only as good as it’s environment, and the food it
ate, which is only as good as the soil it was raised on. Chickens that live a
natural life, by the design of mother nature, produce eggs composed of quality

I . Chickens that
live a natural life, by the design Of nature, produce eggs composed Of quality
proteins and an optimal omega-3: omega-6 fat ration (see page 73). .2.2.1. A free-range
egg will have a ratio between 1:1 and 1:4, while a typical commercially raised
chicken egg will be as high as 1:16-30. This presents a problem for those who
eat too many conventionally raised eggs, as too much omega-6 fatty acid in your
diet facilitates the process of inflammation in our bodies. Always go out of your way to purchase organic, free-range products. They’re far more nutritious as well as free of pesticides, hormones, and antiobotics

I . If organic meats are not available, the next best choice is GRASS FED, FREE-RANGE MEATS Storage Of fish and meat- processed, cured . storage of fish and meat tends to involve many additives. Look at ingredients labelled for foods like cured fish; cured meats- bacon, ham; beef jerky, salami, packaged luncheon meats, fermented sausages, bologna, frankfurters, deviled ham, meat spreads, potted meats, spiced ham, smoked fish products. . These foods tend to contain these two ingredients: nitrities, nitrates. Theses additives are used primarily as a colour fixative to give meats a blood red colour, to convey a tangy effect to the palate, and to prohibit developnent of clostridium botulinum spores. .1. Research on nitrites and nitrates

I . . Both additives have been found to cause cancer and tumors in test animals. According to The safe Shopper’s bible, researchers reported that children who ate hot dogs cured with nitrite a dozen or more times monthly have a risk of leukemia 10x higher than normal. .1.3. Children born to mothers who consume hot dogs once or more weekly during their pregnancy are twice as likely to have childhood brain tumours (ref: 45). .1.4. Fact: Germany banned nitrites and nitrates in 1997 except for use with certain fish species. While in the US, the FDA revoked its proposed phase-out because manufacturers said

there was no adequate substitute. Paul suspects that what the manufacturers were really saying is that there is no cheap substitute for nitrites, so even though they’re known to poduce disease in

test animals, we’ll keep feeding them you anyway.

I . A. I .2. Some preservatives in meats and meats themselves produce histamine. Histamine…

===================================== .2.1 . triggers false food allergy for many people. It’s what makes your nose run whe nyou have a cold— hence the use of anti-histamine in medications. The addition of wheat to numerous

processed meat products in another problem….. If you’re gluten intolerant, make sure to read labels on any deli meats, sausages, etc… How to cook

I .82. I. 2.1 . WHen cooking fish, particularly the bigger fish that accumulate heavy metals, it’s a food idea to grill or broil them to allow the juices to drip Out. This allows pesticide residues and Other chemicals to escape as you cook the fish. This is due in part to the fact that many industrial chemicals and pesticide residues that accumulate in fish are stored in the fat Of the fish (the same is true of animals and man), which begins to drip away when heated to cooking temperatures. Any time you can trim the fat off the fish, it’s a good idea. rotate sources of protein

I .82. I .3.1 . WHY? minimises chances Of over-exposing yourself to any given pesticide, antiobiotic or drug residues that may have tainted your food, not to mention heavy meta contamination. See rotation diet plan on p236

1.8.3. CHEK points for safe meat, fowl, fish and egg consumption . ALVVAYS go out Of your way to purchase organic- free-range products. THey’re far more nutritious as well as free of pesticides, hormones, antibiotics .1. Do not fear the fat in the meat, or on the body of any protein source that is from an organic, free-range source. That is the fat that got us here! If organic meats are not available, the next best choice is grass fed, free-range meats. At least they were free to roam, got exercise and ate what they were designed to eat Read all labels, eliminating or at least minimising the consumption of processed meats Minimise consumption Of smoked meats and fish Rotate meat sources

Animal, plants? All conscious beings, well animals are definetly conscious, plants still conscious, take psychadelics and you will realise this? So try and minimise need to consume animals and plants by considering other goals like prayer, gratitude, be sinless, expressing yourself? etc?

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1.7. Dairy

1.7.1. What do you need to know before you buy dairy?

1.7.1 . I . wherever possible, buy raw milk

1 .7.1 .1.1. raw/non-pasteurised milk Pasteurized milk .1. History behind why milk was pasturised: In 1908, law to pasturise milk was first established in Chicago because of reasons around fears of tuberculosis, botulism, and myriad of other diseases spreading through the milk supply. This may have been legitimate at that time. But Louis Pasteur, himself, the man whoe developed pasteurisation, later admitted the germ theory was no sound. .2. Pasteurization is when milk has no enzymes present in the milk. To achieve this state of milk having no enzymes (as declared by the chemist), milk is heated at specific temperatures and durations, (see p65 Of H TEMBH for specifications), with the intention being to kill potentially harmful bacteria, and thus preventing disease. However, this intention is unlikely to be right since lactic acid- producing bacteria in milk protects milk from pathogens (until it’s killed by pasteurisation, that is!). Futhermore, heat kills important enzymes as well as damaging or destroying vitamins and amino acids. .1.2.1. Fact 1: all outbreaks of salmonella from contaminated milk in recent decades occured in pasteurized milk. One outbreak in Illinois affected 14,000 people, resulting in at least I death. As pasteurised milk ages, it putrifies. Many people are wary of consuming raw dairy products, yet raw milk contains lactic acid-producing bacteria that protect us against pathogens. As raw milk ages, raw milk turns to buttermilk and sour cream.


I . Beneficial qualities to the fats in raw dairy People who are sensitive to dairy can Often tolerate raw milk and milk products because the enzymes that aid in digestion of the milk are left intact, as are the vitamins and other trace elements that serve as enzyme cofactors. Can’t buy raw milk?

I . . Some states in the US like Vermont apparently don’t sell raw milk, but there are some states that have co-op opportunities where you can actually but a percentage Of a cow. In this case, you can actually own the cow, so to speak, you can legally buy and drink the raw milk it produces. If you can’t buy raw dairy products, the next best thing is Certified Organic Certified organic dairy products. Organic dairy products are important for increasing the quality and quantity of protein and fats in the milk. Your milk might not be raw, but at least it wont contain antiobotics, hormones or pesticide residues.

1 .7.12.1. If you cant get high-quality, organic dairy, stay away from the stuff! Dairy products are not necessary for a hea thy diet. You can get plenty Of calcium from Other sources, such as leafy green vegetables.

1 . We must support a return to local, small, organic or biodynamic farms! Avoid non-organic dairy sources. In many cases milk is loaded with the same sort of fat-soluble chemicals you find i meats. Use the resources in this book to see if you can have raw butter, raw cream and milk shipped to you. If you can’t get raw, and you can’t find organic, and you can find organic, avoid dairy. Can you digest diary products? and what dairy products can you consume? Yes? . 1. Well you can consume any form of dairy! Yogurt


1.7. I . Helpful to colon if cultured with beneficial microorganisms like lactic acid-secreting acidophilus and bifidus.

1 . .1. Friendly bacteria assists in the maintenance of an optimal friendly bacteria count, which is necessary for the production of several vitamins like biotin, thiamine (Bl), riboflavin (B2), niacin (B3), pantothenic acid (85), pyridoxine (86), folic acid, vitamin A, Vitamin K. .2. T He acidophilus and bifidus in quality yogurts also increase the bioavai ability of calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, manganese.

I . .3. Reduces chances Of infestation or food poesoning by unfriendly bacteria which prefer an alkaline environment because high quality yogurts make the colon a more acidic environment. .1.1.2. What do you need to know before you buy yogurt

1 . 2.1. Yogurt is only as good as the source material it’s made from. Many yogurts are made from commercial cow’s milk, which commonly contains antibotics, and rBGH. Choose yogurts made from organic, raw milk when possible.

1 . .2.2. Yogurts with fruit added should be avoid for two reasons. First, when fruit is added to yogurts, sugar is usually added as well. Second, the fruit added to most yogurts is over-ripened or too damaged to sell in the stores.



1 . .2.3. A great majority Of the yogurts in supermarkets today should really be reclassified as another form of liquid candy as in if you consume these foods, you are merely using an impersonation of a health food! .2.4. if you have problems with yogurts from cow’s milk, try sheep or goat’s milk yogurt No? well you might still be able to cosume yogurt with no side effects. Yogurt is easier to gest because the yeast culture actually eats the lactose in the source milk. If you are intolerant to dairy, try goat’s or sheep’s milk products. If you have taken antibiotics, raw goat’s milk is excellent for restoring friendly bacteria in your gut.

I - If you are gluten intolerant, avoid dairy (along with gluten) for 3-6 months to allow the gut to repair itself to digest dairy again. Homogenisation Milk is passed through a filter which makes the fat globules of the milk smaller by a factor of 10 times or more, allowing the fat molecules to become more evenly dispersed, so that there is no visible cream separation in the milk.

I .7. I .5.2. Intention of homogenisation according to some experts: ensure protein hormones in milk to survive the process Of protein digestion/breakdown in the stomach. HOWEVER, as the fat molecules become smaller, allowing substances to bypass digestion, causing increased chances Of incomplete protein digestion in the small intestine. Paul thinks that the result could be a sensitized immune system which leads to milk allergies and intolerance. Growth hormone


1 . Some farmers inject cows with recombinant growth hormone (rBGH) with the intention of making them produce more milk than is normal by extending the period at which cows produce milk, but also leading to various problems for the cow, like she loses weight, is infertile, is more susceptible to diseases such as mastitis (inflammed udder), and pus from the udders may end up in your milk. Also this hormone increases risk of infection by 80%, which means the cows need to be given antibiotics to treat infections.


I . rBGH lcreases levels Of insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-I) in the cows milk. .1. IGF-I is a powerful growth hormone, IGF-I is identifical in cows compared to humans.


I . When milk contains increased IGF-I secondary to rBGH use is that the growth hormones makes existing cancers grow. Pasteurisaiton has little effect on IGF-I Humans recieve the IGF-I molecule from a cow through consuming its milk and the human body will treat it as its own. Drinking 1 g ass of treated milk will increase IGF -1 levels even more as much as 9-fold According to Robert Cohen, author of milk the deadly polson. 1  .6. Increased IGF-I associated with 1  .6.1. breast cancer 1 .6.2. human colorectal tumours 1 6.3. colon cancer growth .1.6.4. IGF-I is an autocrine and endocrine growth regulator that accelerates various types of cancer .1.6.5. IGF-I activity is significantly higher in cancer extracts, suggesting that higher IGF-I activity in cancer tissue is involve in regulating growth of thryoid cancer cells


I . Fact: When farmers and retailers who produce “free of rBGH hormone” milk market that their milk is hormone free, the FDA warns them, and even companies like Monsanto (who produced rBGH) have sued two processes who labelled their milk in this way.

1 . Paul goes over scientific evidence surrounding this topic of growth hormone on page 66-67 of HTEMBH. . cows treated with this hormone were getting sick, gave birth to cows with genetic deformities

I - Study on rats found enormous sleep growths. Spleen is part Of the lympathatic and immune systems, the systems responsible for manufacturing red and white blood cells one study by Monsanto found that all the animals treated with rBGH got cancer

Animals (Alive animal, Kill the animal, eat all of it, use all of the animal to do good things, perhaps better things