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Law, legalities, Governments, man-made, and God made (?)

Currently in power (as of 5:22 PM 15/12/2021)

1. Australia

1. Australian government parties:

The Queen and Governor General

a. The Queen

b. Governor General


Currently- Liberal

a. House of representatives…

1. a. Government…. Liberal… currently in power… Prime Minister Scott Morrison… Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce

b. Senate….

1. a. Liberal… currently in power… Simon Birmingham… 




a. House of representatives…


b. Senate….

Other parties

a. House of representatives…


2. a. Liberal Democrats (LDP)

2. b. United Australia Party (UAP)

2. c. One Nation 

b. Senate….

2. a. Liberal Democrats (LDP)

2. b. United Australia Party (UAP)

2. c. One Nation 

1.... State governments

1. i. New South Wales (NSW)

1. ii. Victoria (VIC)

1. iii.. Queensland (QLD)

1. iv. Northern Territory (NT)

1. v. Western Australia (WA)

1. vi. South Australia (SA)

1. vii. Australian Capital Territory (ACT)

1. viii. Tasmania (TAS)

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Nato's expansion since 1997 
Joined Nato before 1997 
Joined Nato since 1997 
9 Slovenia 
@Slovakia @Croatia @Bulgaria 
@Lithuania Hungary Montenegro 
8 Romania 
1 Albania 
Onc thing the Romans would do is provoke 
their neighbours to attack them. 
This created a 'just war' (cassus belli). 
The Romans would then brutally conquer

Types of government: 

1. Communism

2. Democracy

The objective is righteousness….? but also control an objective? 

The following as a means of ensuring righteousness: Governments and the (0) Colonisation by…e.g. common wealth, maintainance of power… commonwealth… etc…  (1) resulting hierarchy of control… representatives… prime minster, president… Parliaments… police contained under the government… number of police… (about police:

police officer whistle blowers against mandatory jabs…. police brutality: 
Police brutality: 

lawyers ( or something?), barristers… parliaments, courts, tribunals,  (2) laws created… legalities.. jurisdiction… (2.a/3…) Consequences of breaking law… fines… jail… (bail money?)… probation…. community service… 

(2) laws created… legalities.. jurisdiction… (2.a/3…) Consequences of breaking law… fines… jail… (bail money?)… probation…. community service… 

Examples of righteousness achieved through the government:

Governmental services

  1. Licences required for trade.. includes Insurances:
    1. public liability, 
    2. professional indemnity 
    3.  workers compensation/income protection insurance


Insurances for types of professions...

See for questions about which type of insurance are needed for example.


  1. Intellectual property
    1. Registered, government agency
      1. IP australia is a government agency
      2. What is IP?
        1. To find out more join upcomming sessions on ip 101 in mayish, or youtube.
        2. Application of mind to come up with something original. Creating an idea real.
        3. Examples:
          1. A new invention
          2. Brand
          3. Design
          4. Artistic creation
      3. Apply at IP Australia- registered IP
      1. Unregistered IP
        1. Copyright
        2. Trade secrets


    1. Trademark business, includes getting a lawyer, Clearly defining products and services
      1. Check for possible trademark


  1. Set up your accounting systems                                  No matter how it is done, if an accounting system is set up properly from the very beginning and with future growth in mind, you’ll save an enormous amount of effort in the long run.                                                                                                                                  All levels of business have legal and tax obligations when it comes to record keeping. Commercial offerings customised specifically for the Australian regulatory landscape, such as Quickbooks Online, take a lot of the weight off your shoulders, freeing you up to work on your business, not in it.

Legal requirements (e.g. licences, permits) for trading: 

Check your jurisdiction:

Australia: and … 

  1. Business name
    1. Register buisness name… to start trading…with

No government… Anarchy? taliban???? Treason? 

Do we non-government working people like have power in case the government does the wrong thing?

Location… jurisdiction, state laws, Australian law…… to international laws…



location country, state, city, suburb, council,, land of ownership?