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Businesses & Jobs

How many jobs, employment rates?

Overall statistics of all jobs…

Australia 4.2% un-employment rate:

Un-Employment rate by state

Western Australia


South Australia


3. Tasmania


4. NSW


5. Northern Territory


6. Victoria


7. Australian Capital Territory (ACT)


8. Queensland (QLD)


“If I do a job in 30 minutes. It’s because I spent 10 years learning how to do that in 30 minutes. You owe me for the years, not the minutes” – Somebody. 

Businesses, websites, Sources, etc:

For each business…

  1. Company, and if company share/stock? price? sole trader…. 
  2. 2. Url… to put on business card?

Business components:
3. Url/qr scan… available on like business card. 
4. Employees: 
total number of employees, and name and title of position? (jobs fufilled)… Job requirements: Degrees… like Engineer? 

total number of employees and name and title of positions business is looking for….  (jobs needed) Job requirements: Degrees… like Engineer? 

How to find a job

1. Job services for all


b. word of mouth… social media… etc

2. job services for those with disabilities.. 


b. Octec
3. Reward for jobs:
a. No financial reward: Volunteering. Charity organisations… 


  1. Working for other and/or/neither
  2. Working for self


My (George) Jobs:

  1. God
  2. Hollutions
  3. Octec… Security guard… Bartender? 
  4. Rev transcript
    1. Help:


Indeed…. Octec… 

. Look at like LinkedIn… like the employees for a business… their credentials, works, etc…  and you could use this to contact… and recruit, and find people for a job role required by perhaps a different company… b. newspapers, c. etc. 

5. Business plan?



6.  Company, sole trader… etc.. 

  1. Figure out the best business structure. See  Each has its own advantages and
    comes with specific tax reporting responsibilities, regulatory necessities
    and work health and safety obligations. Speak to your accountant or lawyer to find out which best suits your
    current, and future, structure.
  2. Are you better off as a sole trader, 
  3. partnership, 
  4. trust 
  5. or company?  STOCK PRICE? 
  6.  Hollutions? Sole trader currently but change to a partnership (if so need separate bank account, and preferably business bank acc to control business expenses and income to easily give to the accountant or to do the tax return yourself during tax time and makes it more professional and easier to deal with your customers. More about business bank accounts:
  7. ) perhaps with Daniel Gibbons or perhaps company?