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Hemps can be used for lots of things, everything? Smoke weed and use rest of plant too? We need to get away from plastic…  so has big enemies… Every industry scared of hemp products

1. Wood/paper industry

2. Clothing Industry

3. Oil Industry

4. Pharma Industry 

      1. Hemp plastic avoids all these issues, and is good for environment, eorision, and fodder feeding cattle. 
      2. Requires almost zero water and likes arid soil unlike cotton and trees for newspapers (which takesdecades to grow one tree)… I worked on a hemp farm and let me tell you.. It was some dry ass land laughing emoji you are correct about how little water it needs. I hope we can get there someday. 
      3. And you could get 3 or more yields of help on same acre that took decades to grow one single train
    1. “Someone made hemp body parts for VW bugs and they were 420% stronger than composite materials”… 420 lol? Henry Ford made a hemp model car and swings bat it and does not dent trunk of car. On footage, video.  Another has hemp ferrari and smashes it with his fists… you cna make it last forever.. 
    2. Sir Derty “does smoke reports from acreage holdings and paid a 401k as a grower… “
    3. Does hemp biodegrade?
    1. Has stronger rensile strength and structure and really light… so Hemp can be used for concrete,m plastic, for certain metals for industrial uses. 

Remember, know that this is not all information regarding this topic, so please go elsewhere like on Google for more.