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Genetically Modified (GMO) foods

Genetically modified foods

1 .1.1. “Biotech scientists don’t know what will result from genetically modifying foods, this especially. The people who genetically modify foods are limited to humanly levels of knowledge, and doesnt have access to the knowledge Of Mother Nature’s laws.

I . I. 2. Genetic engineering can introduce an allergen into a food that previously did not contain it . Example: a soybean engineered with genes from a brazil nut, designed to make it tastier, was found to produce allergic reactions in individuals with nut allergies.

I . I .3. Apparently in the US, the biotech industry supported by the US government doesnt want mandatory labelling of foods containing GMOs possibly because it will hurt sales.

1.1.4. What does the research say . Apparently lack of research supporting GM crops = a concern. Most comprehensive animal study as of around 2002 was done by Arpad Pusztai “weaver, sean (interview of Arpad Pusztai). “The political science of GE Foods. ” Organic NZ Vol. 60, No.3,May/June 2001

1 . Pretty much, the research did not conclusively show that GM foods were safe for human consumption at that time,and recommended further research Pusztai in an interview apparently stated “it is very unfair to use fellow citizens as guinea pigs. Guinea pigs shou dbe in the laboratory, and GE foods should be properly tested before they are approved for the market” . – How to Eat, Move, and be Healthy.