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Recordings… Voice recordings?

Ambulance, police… sirens… 

hearing tests?

Top artists:
1. vola @volaband
2. deadlights au
3. triviumband
4. sleep waker band

Hollutions? song style? King of my City by  Day 1?

top songs
1. the offering
2. planet of garba
3. skin
4. head mounted
5. straight lines

  1.  Speechify: translate writing to audio? via speechify

time of first sale… do a history of music… like its progression? Perhaps? Or like evolution of music? 

e.g. record player: 1877

Checkbox filter: ins like listening- in through ears… and outs like out of the mouth… like speaking, singing? 

It is important that when a song is played, it is often off course accompanied with visual – like the Windows player 11 had all that visual design.