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Disclaimer (Exercise products)

1. Fitness, Fitness equipments, etc, are not clearly defined topic, and the products which appear below not only vary in categories like mass, mass distributions, sizes, colours, etc, and the products contained below are for this very moment, largely chosen by Hollutions because they were used by professionals like Physiotherapists, Chiropractors, Personal Trainers, etc, but also because of affiliation purposes.
2. Hollutions is not the platform where you purchase products from. We are more an information hub, providing a directory without inventory for you to purchase products from their companies.
3. All the 400+ products displayed in Hollutons as it relates to Fitness is not a representation of all the Fitness, Exercise Equipments in the World, so for more optimised results, please also look elsewhere, or like at least visit the brands contained within Hollutions to find more products. Furthermore, you can contact us below to perhaps add more products as it relates to Fitness into Hollutions.
4. Due to priority of more ~important filters, not every filter and filter options will filter all products contained within Hollutions.
5. Please use user discretion when deciding to purchase any of the products recommended here.
6. We are not necessarily affiliated with any of the products, services contained below. Affiliations are usually associated with a discount/commission for the respective user and employee/s of Hollutions