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Application of Barbells

Even though the design of each barbell is different, the application tends to be very similar across barbells, but they are different, so your own judgement is obviously necessary, but i just wanted to mention that just in case you were not aware. 
  1. Frontal plane barbell work (the more typical application)
    1. Bench press
    2. Shoulder press
    3. Bicep curl

  1. the barbell can be placed on your upper shoulders as in a traditional barbell squat,
    1. your front shoulders like in a barbell front squat,
    2. it can be placed in the front suface of nook between your arm and forearm like in a zercher squat
    3. placed on the ground, and picked up with minimal displacement like in the deadlift,
    4. Deadlift using barbell + headharness connected to a kettlebell in this example

  1. 6. incorporated with a gymnastics ring

  1. Sagital plane work
    1. Barbell placed on shoulder in sagital plane

suitcase deadlift:

Traditional farmers walk

Farmers walk (modified with the use of kettlbells)
How to use the landmine attachment

Applications specific to the yoak: