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The Bible

7 seals and 7 chakras… by Edward Cayce!!

Cazjoran Ali - relationship between seals and glands too:

Look into this tab for example, first google search "edward cayce seven seals"

Uriel Gilpin, Revelation 12...


Jesus is coming soon! “Time is short, repent, my son is coming soon” [1]


Video web content titled: Jesus is coming soon! "Time is short, repent, my son is coming soon" [1]

  1. God works in 3’s all the time
  2. Was reading the book of revelations… and moved the book from his right to his left (or left to his right…)… and god said he would be his messenger… 3 times… and he said what message. But before he said message… god said:
    1. Time is short
    2. Repent
    3. My son is coming soon
  3. Never call yourself a pastor, prophet, or a priest…
  4. Told him he will be sent to israel, 3 times…
  5. Sent out 4 texts to his friends… god said 2 will turn away, 2 wont…
  6. He does what god told him to do… studying… UNLIKE ME
  7. Is told to get on his knees… he got his left knee down, and right before he put his knees down, his whole life goes like pararum!! Had a tear in his right eye… and then when he put his right knee down… he knew what was coming… and then put his hands on the floor… and then cried enough to fill like 1000x the ocean!!
  8. And then he asked god… how could you pick me to do anything? And then he said “because I know you would finish”…
  9. Do you remember what you could do without me? Well imagine what you could do with me!
  10. He talks about experiencing his body full of life… death removed… full of electricity if I remember correctly… and it seems similar to my first musheroom experience!! And then he was like “if that’s what heaven feels like, sign me up! I’m on your team!
  11. He says god is real, his son is real, if you think you can do it by yourself, you cant, he doesn’t want you to go to hell, but if you don’t fall to your knees and repent.. Then you will fail.. Eternity is FOREVER.. But there is an option… and its easy… and you say god, I’m a  jerk…. And at the click of gods fingers, you are forgiven…
    1. Imagine that I was to spend eternity in hell… and this person will be lost… would not exist…


  1. Gods hand is here… and you know what he says…?? I gotcha…

But everyone is like this..


“I don’t need god… I can do it myself.. Right… but gods haand is right here… waiting for you to turn around… and humble yourself.. And just go to him…


  1. Repent everyday, and learn more…
  2. He only prays for 2 things:
    1. Wisdom and
    2. Knowledge
    3. Because god gives you the third thing- understanding..
  3. You can only serve two masters- yawheh or this earth.. If you chase the money, you will never find god… if you chase god, you will find everything you need

P.s. I found this video and i wanted to find a location to store it within my website, so i put it under the bible, but this video serves the purpose of reading the bible and not reading other texts not related to the bible… in this video Christopher’s lee says NEVER to seek the occult, the devil… be warned of even listening to this guy say this perhaps:

Relationship between the christian’s version of the lord’s prayer and the egyptian version of the lords prayer?

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