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“The Rogue Thompson Fatbell was co-developed with powerlifting legend Donnie Thompson as a revolutionary new take on the traditional kettlebell. With this design, we’ve made the simple but significant change of re-positioning the handle inside of the bell—set dead center and straight across like a dumbbell handle within an open-ended, cast-iron sphere. The result, as Donnie explains it himself, is a “perfect geometric shape for maximizing optimal performance,” as your hand and the bell essentially act as one. The center mass design allows athletes to improve the efficiency and balance of every swing/press while also reducing common kettlebell safety risks.

With your hand inside the sphere, “every single infinitesimal point on the surface of that sphere is equal distance to the center of your hand.” This dynamic reduces the shearing force on joints and adds more load distribution on muscle and connective tissue.

Rogue Thompson Fatbells are available in many different weight increments and include Rogue’s signature black powder coat finish. The 9LB, 13LB, and 18LB Fatbell feature an additional, second opening on the underside of the sphere for athletes with smaller hands.”

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Rogue Thompson Fatbells (Level 12/97Ib)




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