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“Red Rice Yeast



I don’t really use the expression “super food”, but red yeast rice is pretty amazing.

It has been an important part of Chinese herbal medicine for thousands of years, notably because it can aid the digestive system, reduce the risk of heart attack, improve liver function, reduce the risk of cancer, lower high blood pressure, and invigorate the body.

@cymbiotika Red Yeast Rice is an all organic, wild-crafted solution designed to improve heart function and metabolism as well as to support weight loss.

In particular, red yeast rice can act as a natural alternative to statin drugs, helping people with mild to moderate hypercholesterolemia by significantly lowering LDL.

And one of the reasons I have always stood by Cymbiotika’s products is that they are certified organic. That goes for every ingredient in their red yeast rice solution as well.

So if you’ve been feeling as though your cardiovascular system needs a little more love right now, Cymbiotika Red Yeast Rice is a good place to start!

When you check out, be sure to use the code CHEK15 for a 15% discount too!”


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