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Complete Protein is a combination of a 1) protein blend of 3 plant-based proteins: Pea bean, quinoa, and pumpkin seed, and 2) digestive enzymes like Amylase…

“Paul chek organify advert availably at and use at the checkout CHEK20 to get your 20% discount

“in my career as a hollistic health practioner, i have seen a long string of cases which have shown signs of protein deficiency on lab testing even though they were eating pletny of protein from animal sources, the problem was that they were eating lots of commercially raised animals which are loaded with dangerously toxic farming chemicals and antibiotics and other drugs residues and other garbage stuffs that they feed commercially raised animals. I have also rehabilitated lots of vegans and vegetarians who are suffering with lots of serious hormonal and physiological imbalances because they were living off commercially raised plants foods which are also toxic.

Additionally, not everyone has the genetic profile, enzymes, capacity, etc to extract protein from plants which is trapped in a fibre matrix of the plant, without exception and through lab testing, i identified that 100% of these people had leaky gut syndrome, ranging from mild to severe which means they were developing immune antibodies against everything they were eating leavign them between a rock and a hard place, when it comes to finding food they could eat without further inflaming their guts. One of my professional aids to healing were to find super clean, hyper nutritious protein that is easily digested, absorbed, and combined with vital nutrients that people need to heal and regenerate their bodies effectively and efficiently. One of my go to products for organic clean highly nutritious high density protein is organify’s complete protein all in one mix, this amazing protein powder is 100% certified organic, plant based, no soy or whey, making it great for people who have sensitivities to common food affenders and it comes with complete organic source multivitamins and digestive enzymes to enhance digestion, absorbption, metabolism, and assimilation. Not only will organify’s complete protein help meet your protein needs its got friendly super clean free of additives, preservatives, and colourings that irritate the gut, taste great (chococalte or vanilla flavoured by the way), and is great for the whole family and can greatly enhance recovery, from training and developing more lean muscle mass.”

Complete Protein (chocolate or Vanilla flavour) by Organify




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