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Nutritional Considerations

Individuals foods are to be classified by (not mutually exclusive!):

1.Place – location of food 

2. Environement of food upbringing before harvesting: 

2.a. Location, place of food: 

2.b. Harvesting and date.. 

-Who harvested, slaughtered, killed it? Someone else, you… how was it slaughtered, how did it die? Hilal?

–Date of harvest…Timing- how long did it take to be harvested, how long from harvesting time period to being delivered to you…

—How long before you ate it?… Eating the food fresh becomes “raw food”? (raw foods diet?)… “Eat
as much raw food as your body can handle and feels good to you. If you are
traveling a lot, are under a lot of physical and mental stress, and have a very
high demand for output on a daily basis, if Paul doesn’t have raw foods, he
doesn’t have the life force. “

2.f. season… weather?

2.g. toxins.. metals… waste… pollution… 

2.h. Free of pesticides, rodenticides… 


No brand – grow it yourself!

3. Environment of food from harvesting to collection to you:

3.b. Packaging used ? Avoid packaging, best to prepare yourself

9. Composting… Home gardening- grow your own

10. food ready to eat

11. Pray
before eating… be grateful… give food to others?

invite your food and water into your temple of being,
affirming that it is not dying, but gaining life and love in you! 
Advice from “HLC1”


  1. Muscle testing and dowsing:

How to use your body to tell you what to eat, how much to eat, how to prepare it:

  1. Muscle testing/duckbill test:
    1. Remove electronic watches first!
    2. Make a duckbill with your index finger and thumb of dominant hand
    3. Assess your capacity to stabilise against closure by your opposite index and thumb
    4. Now simply feel how much pressure you can resist before before closing the duckbill
    5. Ask your body, “show me a yes” and test your ability to resist closure
    6. Next: “show me a no” and test again
    7. Notice how strong your “yes” is relative to your “no”
    8. Now, state your age out loud: “I am __ years of age” and then ask, “is this true” and test. . .
    9. Next, state your age incorrectly and ask, “is this true?”, and test again

13. Eat… eat with your hands? eat with utensils?


when hungry, not out of habit. Make sure your body is hungry, not the mind. You
know when you are feeding your mind when you have eaten enough that you arent
hungry anymore, but you keep eating.
PPS success master lesson 2 or the 1-2-3-4 for overcoming obesity,
adiction and disease, to see whats happening in your mind that’s telling your
body. eat c

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