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 Irradiated Foods

12.1. “let’s say I invited you over for a turkey dinner and told you that before cooking the meal, i’d be using my new food sanitizer. My new sanitizer happens to deliver 450,000 RADS Of radiation, which is about 150 million times more radiation than the standard chest x-ray. The radiation source will be cobalt (Bo-60), or possibly Caesium (cs-137), the remains Of spent military fuel, and if you get too close to my new machine you could get one hell of a tan. Now, how excited would you be about tasting my turkey? Note: this is the radiation dose for meats approved by the US FDA.

1 .2.2. Paul provides 10 reasons opposing food irradiation via Dr Mercola on page 61 of HTEMBH. Also Chek out Dr Mercola’s website.

1.2.3. Other sources Of radiation include the use Of linear accelerate ‘E- beam’ technology created by the Department of Energy (DOE), and the DOE sees food iradiation as a way of reducing disposal costs of spent military and civilian nuclear fuel by providing a commercial market for caesium nuclear wastes.

1.2.4. Food irradiation is supported by the IAEA, FDA, USDA, DOE, WHO, FAO, WTO, all Of which support legislation for technology that threatens your health and vitality.

1.2.5. Experts raise questions about the validity and necessity of food irradiation, such as the absence Of toxicological and carcinogenic testing by the FDA.

1.2.6. What does the research say??? Read Paul chek’s HTEMBH book. but,… .1. Independent studies prior to 1986 clearly identified mutagenic and carcinogenic radioloytic products in irradiated food

I . Studies in 1970s run by India’s institute of Nutrition found gross chromosomal abnormalities in blood or bone marrow cells and mutation damage in the rodents.

1.2.7. Food irradiation results in major micronutrient losses, particularly vitamins A, C, E, and B complex.

1.2.8. What foods are irradiated? see HTEMBH “natural foods” depends on country, but if you love in the US, check out the FDA. some nutritional supplements like garlic

I .2.9. What foods are not irradiated? See HTEMBH

I .2.9.2. organic foods depends on country, but if you live in the US, check Out the FDA.