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Demographics.. variables… Personality?


Male man Male: Inccubus

Female woman Mothers Female: Succubus. I have had direct experience of this. I have been trying to find a way to categorise the succubus into somewhere so i decided to put under gender, more specifically the female gender.

Age…See time.

Race…Racism… ?




Real names


Birth name


Stage name…


Names like paul meaning messenger. Mentioned at 23:08 or so in EP 175 LIVING 4D with PAUL CHEK


I Lost My Name


Demographics  & stereotypes…?like…





Are You
Racist? | Keep it 100 | Cut






Wednesday, 23 January 2019

8:50 PM

Changing the whole health care system.

  1. So hollutions app will be used to drive evidence based by research.
    1. Each client plugs ina anthropometric details, their mental state, what they are eating, how long they are sleeping, the stresses at work (which might be assessed at the beginning when the cleint started achieving their goals through hollutions, or through their detaily stresses levels from0-10, their disease states (which be demonstrated via check practionals only. PAIR UP WITH CHEK INSTITUTE..
    2. When researcher has a research question, they look to see if there are relationships between variables, like 100 peopleout of 100 people who have digestive issues, 10/100 may present with similar symptoms to each other, might all be female, might be all undergoing stressful divorces for example. Other examples:
      1. Links between vaccinations and various bugs/viruses, etc. 



Find a way to find which is causing which? Like is posture causing you to have more energy, or when you have heaps of energy you naturally get optimal posture?? Like when I was shrooms at bens my posture became erect?

Measure all demographics of variation in people, and compare to other clients within demograhic range 

Friday, 27 March 2020

5:25 PM


With two-household incomes, careers, meetings, kids and not enough hours

in the day, how would you approach the excuse, ” I just don’t have enough

time. ” ?


First of all, I hear this almost every day I work with clients. They are

pretty shocked when I tell them that it simply isn’t true! I expand,

highlighting the fact that they are currently spending a LOT OF TIME:


Going from doctor to doctor. When you add up the travel time, waiting for

doctors in their office, cost of tests, waiting in line at drug stores for

pills, it really adds up!


The average American watches 4.7 hours of TV a day! My wife and I don’t

watch TV at all because it is predominantly mind pollution. As I tell my

students and patients, ” If there’s anything on TV worth hearing about, you

won’t make it 20 steps down the street before someone tells you! “


Doing unnecessary things, like shopping when they don’t need anything. Just

looking at things they ” wish ” to have when they ” have more money, ” which

will probably be about the same time they ” have more time! “


Frequently, my patients, clients and even students — until I get them

thinking clearly — are spending all their time working for things they

don’t need and often don’t even want. For example, How many people have

cars, vacation homes, motor homes and jewelry they are paying for every

month, but don’t need?


Their monthly expenses are so high that they constantly need to work

overtime and stress themselves into submission (think disease), yet they

hardly ever get anything close to the value from these ” extras ” in their

life. I have people driving $70,000 cars who tell me they can’t afford

organic food! I simply ask them to drive their car to the graveyard to see

if they can find a hole big enough for both them and their car. And if they

do, they should reserve it!


In the end, all you can take with you is ” what you become ” while you are

visiting this lovely planet. More importantly, if you are a parent, you are

teaching your children how to live and you should stop and take a look at

yourself and if you can’t state with 100 percent honesty that you love

yourself, you are probably passing on the same poor self-esteem to your



They too won’t have time to eat, move and be healthy, because that is what

they learned from Mom and Dad!



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