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Atlas stones, rocks, medicine balls, medicine ball slams, Balls, yoga balls

  1. Atlas stones
    1. I think I remember paul saying that these are a great exercise because they teach sharpness of your mind because if you get hurt, which might come from doing the wrong thing, then there are drastic consequences. High risk, high reward?!… also… their mass is usually not equally distributed throughout the rock, so there centre of mass is off, making it an extra stress, more difficult?
    1. Strongman style? One stone at a time
      1. 2020 Arnold Strongman Classic Day 1 Recap - BarBend
    2. Eddie Hall Atlas Stones at Britain's Strongest Man 2017 - YouTube

Rogue strongman egg

  1. Bosu ball

1. Bosu ball a large air filled ball 

  1. Balls of different sizes and weights designed not to experience force more than the slam balls, deadballs:
    1. Double Handle Medicine Ball
    2. Classic Medicine Ball

In this image above, notice that the weight is positioned on the surfaces which are horizontal, and lesser to an extent the entire arms…

  1. Wallball
  1. “Black Textured Medicine Balls – colour coded sizing”

Exercise examples:

  1. Medine ball grab and throw into air teo hands one hand and progress with speed and distance ball travels . Place ball on thigh
  2. Roll ball on hand to train hand, roll ob finger to train that specific hand

Juggle pass ball to hand from other hand

Training with ball on front side is better than on back side. It might be better to create force through cables which dont apply as mych to the force of gravity.

I think problem with youtube videos is its hard to be strict with word selection and cover more truth

Roll ball onto upper shoulders across shoulders etc… it might cause itchyness.  Keeep focusing when holding into a hard position

  1. Balls of different sizes and weights designed to experience more force than the more traditional, classic medicine balls
    1. Functional Patterns Slam Balls
  1. 5ib
  2. 8ib
  3. 10ib
  4. 12ib
  5. 15ib
  6. Deadball
  1. Deadball 2-35kg 20-120kg
  2. Ball with a rope attached at which the rope is intended to hold onto, not directly onto the ball itself:
    1. Machine generated alternative text: 3185
    2. Paraball… Medicine ball with rope like handle which is able to not crumble when hit on wall with large pressure?

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