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Applications of Rope

  1. Applications of rope: 
  • Two considerations when using rope (a few buzz words like OKC and CKC can be included but i prefer not to because its almost useless)
  • 1. You can pull your body to one end of the rope (if the other end is stronger, heavier, creating more force than you are creating), you can pull the end of the rope to you… this depends on whether you are pulling a force greater than the force being created at the other end of the rope
  • 2. which direction is the rope facing you – is it in the horizontal plane, and where along the horizontal plane, vertical plane, etc. 
  • 3. Add weights additional to the body weight…. in the strong man… the strongmen carry tanks.. airoplanes, trucks… attached to their body as additional weight to pull them along to the other end of the rope… for a particular distance… You can add resistance bands….or use things like resistance bands to suspend you… 
  • Example application of 1, 2, and 3
  • This is my favourite application:
  • Climbing, climbing rope in the vertical plane… against the force of gravity multiplied by your bodyweight 
  • Having the rope position horizontally… but laying on the floor… so that there is less of a bodyweight force, but a force elicited by the additional masses like a sled…

You can use rope as a balancing act trying to walk on the rope…You can use the rope as a harness if coupled with the whole harness itself… 

2. Applications of skipping rope: 

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