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Lose weight with these 10 Scientific ideas

1. Calorie deficit In order to shed bodyweight, you should be taking in less energy than you expend. This is most easily accomplished through a calorie deficit with your nutrition. Shave off just a few hundred calories a day to begin with by cutting out calories you won't miss - nip mindless snacking in the bud, scale back on portion sizes of more energy-dense foods.

2. Adequate protein. consume at minimum 1g per pound of protein per 1g lean body mass. This will help preserve lean body mass while you diet down. If you're 150lbs at 30% bodyfat, for example, that means you have 105lbs lean body mass, so you should consume around 105g protein per day. Keep in mind that MORE protein beyond a reasonable point does not lead to BETTER gains. Protein myths:

First, why should you lose weight? For me, I want to lose weight so that I can do pull-ups, chin-ups, again

Don't focus on exercise. Parareference:

Don't eat too many junk foods.

shred vegetables

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Cannabis. New research may explain why, despite 'the munchies,' frequent cannabis users are leaner than non-users